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ETP-[span id=blue]HYDROPRESS[/span]

ETP-HYDROPRESS - Quick and precise fastening for larger shafts

ETP-HYDROPRESS is available on request.
The dimensions and loads in the list below serve as guidelines to make a customized product. It can be made for both larger and smaller shafts as well as shorter or longer. Number of mountings > 1 000.
For extreme high torque applications the contact surfaces of ETP-HYDROPRESS (sizes ≥130 mm) can
be plated with ETP-HFC, High Friction Coating, which doubles the torque capacity. For frequent sliding along a shaft it can be plated on the inside with aluminium bronze.


ETP-HYDROPRESS is a hydraulic joint, which consists of a double-walled steel sleeve. Mounting is easily carried out with a hydraulic grease pump. In the flange there are two connections:
a grease nipple for the pump and a pressure release valve used for dismantling, a screw which presses against a steel ball and forms a spherical seating. Radial and/or axial connections for the pump hoses are possible. The inner diameter can be made with spiral tracks in order to easier let foreign liquids or particles disappear.


When the hydraulic pressure from the pump is injected, the double-walled sleeve expands uniformly against shaft and hub and along the shaft and forms a rigid joint. When dismantling, the allen screw in the pressure release valve is loosened and the grease comes out. ETP-HYDROPRESS returns to its original measurements and the joint is loose. Normal working pressure is up to 700 bar.


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User friendly clamping and centering



ETP-[span id=blue]UNIGRIP[/span]

The axial tensioner ETP-UNIGRIP is used when workpieces or tools, for example circular knives with spacers, are going to be clamped axially against a shoulder on the shaft in an accurate position.


Hydraulic unit with two clamping systems consisting of a hardened steelbody with an inner sleeve, three axial pistons with seals and two pressure screws.


When the first screw (marked R) is tightened the inner sleeve grips the shaft, locking ETP-UNIGRIP in position. As the second screw (marked A) is tightened, the axial pistons move into contact with the component which is to be clamped. The hydraulic principle means that the axial force is evenly distributed between the three pistons, offering accurate clamping of components.


For standard sizes see leaflet.
ETP-UNIGRIP can also be manufactured with a threaded bore without hydraulic expansion of the thread, with more pistons, higher axial thrust force and longer piston stroke. It can also be made to other dimensions on request. Send your application details and we will offer you the solution.


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ETP-[span id=blue]KN[/span]


The Knifeholder, ETP-KN, consists of a double-walled hardened steel sleeve filled with a pressure medium. The pressurising mechanism consists of a screw and piston with double sealing function.
When the pressure screw is tightened the double-walled sleeve expands against the shaft and creates a rigid joint. Dismantling or repositioning is done by loosening the screw.
Clamping alternative: On request the holders can be equipped with a nipple. In this case pressurising is done with a grease pump.


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CUSTOMIZED [span id=blue]DESIGNS[/span]

All development starts with establishing a technical requirement specification together with the customer. The whole process will be a teamwork with the customer, the ETP-Representative and us.

As a start sometimes the “Application design assistance form” on our homepage is sent to us. You find it in the download section here next to. This is a very important process. It contains listing the loads and other surrounding factors influencing the application.

At the next stage ETP makes some principal drawings which are discussed with the customer. In house we have the latest CAD software and FEM calculation capacity. For production we have the for the quality of the final product most important machinery in house, like welding machines of different kinds: conventional, laser and electron beam welding. Other important operations are grinding – if needed, filling of pressure medium, quality control (with ultra-sound for the weld) and accurate turning.

For more examples of ETP Customized designs see the Manual in the download section here next to.

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