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CNC - Metalworking

Best choice of toolholders for your Milling, Drilling, Reaming tools and much more!

Industrial areas of use

HYDRO-GRIP high precision toolholders are your guarantee of secure clamping for milling, drilling and reaming tools. Their unique strength provides precision and rigid-tool stability to improve machining performance for the largest number of applications. With the extensive range HYDRO-GRIP high precision toolholders all application areas, from finishing to heavy roughing, is covered. 




Our wide selection of toolholders ensures that you find the right solution for almost any machining application. HYDRO-GRIP HD, with its extremely high tool clamping force, is highly capable within slot, contour as well as trochoidal milling operations. And don´t forget, all HYDRO-GRIP toolholders can be used with reduction sleeves, for maximum flexibility!


Drilling & Reaming

Drilling & Reaming

Any HYDRO-GRIP holder is well suited for drilling operations. When machining difficult deep contours within the mold making industry, HYDRO-GRIP PENCIL excels. For your high precision reaming operations check out our adjustable holder ECOGRIP ER. And don´t forget, all HYDRO-GRIP toolholders can be used with reduction sleeves, for maximum flexibility!

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Reduction sleeves - For Metalworking

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Toolholder configurator

HYDRO-GRIP® Customized Designs

Couldn´t find your desired Toolholder in our extensive standard range? Not a problem! Use our Configurator tool to design a Customized toolholder of your own choice.

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Systems comparison

The Evolution of Toolholders

What is worth knowing? What type of tool holders should I choose? Here we try to easily sort out the concepts of the main different tool clamping techniques used in today's machining industry!

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