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Hydraulic Hub-Shaft connections – Single screw mounting
These products are, just as it sounds, designed for using only a single screw for mounting. This ensures quick and easy mounting/dismantling and easy adjustments/repositioning of the hub. Used in a variety of applications/industries such as packing, food/beverage and pharmaceutical.

Hydraulic Hub-Shaft connections – Multiple screw mounting
Multiple screw products mean that you have to tighten two or more screws to mount the product. Used in a large variety of applications, from mounting timing belts and arms. Useful for all your normal needs.

Hydro-mechanical connections – For large dimensions and heavy loads
A robust and compact design with no oil leakage, ability to take high loads and quick mounting/dismantling of large dimensions, make our hydro-mechanical connections ideal to work in difficult environments and heavy operations. All those reason are examples why the steel- and marine industry very much appreciate this assortment.

Hydraulic connections - External pressurization
Here the pressure setting/mounting is done with the help of an external pressure source separate from the connection. This makes mounting extremely fast and it’s possible to pressurize several connections simultaneously.

Customized solutions
Continuous development with customers, where ETP contribute with wide application knowledge and calculation assistance, has resulted in a steady flow of new products. We offer customized solutions in co-operation with OEM: s. Below you find some examples. More information can be sent on request.

Customized Designs

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