Set the pressure with the allen T-wrench
Place the tool and HYDRO-GRIP on the machine spindle. Turn the allen T-wrench a couple of turns and the tool is automatically centered and fastened. The whole process takes literally just a few seconds.

Pressure Pump

Set the pressure with the high pressure pump
Connect the pump to the HYDRO-GRIP, pressurize and check that the correct pressure of 400-450 bar has been reached. We strongly recommend the grease Blasolube 301, please see part Technical Specification.



Permanent Mounting Icon

Permanent assembly
Permanent assembly means that the sleeve only expands against the machine spindle. Made in short versions to allow for a light press fit. The tool and HYDRO-GRIP should be bolted together.



Interchangeable Icon

Interchangeable assembly
Interchangeable assembly means that the sleeve expands, is centered and fixed in place in a matter of seconds, both against the tool and the machine spindle. The sleeve can easily be used with different tools.



Sleeve for general woodworking - pressurized with a Power Tool, superfast pressurizing in a few seconds

Sleeves for general woodworking - pressurizing with high pressure pump

Sleeves for tools with large internal diameters

Sleeves for support bearings

Technical Specifications

Customized Designs

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