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ETP - quick, easy and precise


ETP stand for

Energy Transfer Products

The scientist Blaise Pascal formulated the principle of pressure propagation in liquids many years ago. ETP has explored the many positive qualities in this principle, developed it further and applied it to Hub-Shaft connections and Toolholders. Pascal discovered the principle - we put i to work! Transfering energy and forces from one place to another.


Business concept

Made in Sweden since 1973

To develop, manufacture, market and sell fastening and centering products based on hydraulic and hydro-mechanical principles. For use as hub-shaft connections, tool and work piece holders and similar applications. The ETP high precision quality products should offer quick assembly and disassembly and high levels of customer satisfaction.


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When demands are high and the pace is quick, we never see a problem - only possibilities to create new solutions.

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With innovative ideas we design and manufacture products the make your job easier and quicker.

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We have been in business for almost 50 years, and have successfully developed products for 3 business and application areas. Here some of our milestones:


ETP is certified according to ISO 45001.


ETP announces ambitous target - Climate neutrality by 2025!


ETP is certified according to ISO 14001.


ETP Transmission Gmbh (Germany) is founded.


ETP Transmission Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is founded.


ETP is certified according to ISO 9001.


ETP Transmission Inc., (USA) is founded.


Sales start within the business area for Metalworking in Sweden and around the world.


The company joins the Indutrade group.


Sales start within the business area for Woodworking in Sweden and around the world.


Sales starts within the business area Transmission in Sweden and around the world.


The idea is developed into a commercial product. Efficient production methods are developed.


A patent is bought from the inventor Kjell Landaeus concerning hydraulic connections.


ETP is part of the Indutrade group

Indutrade is an industrial components group that sells components with high-tech content to customer and suppliers in selected niches in many geographic markets. The components can be sold as standalone product or composed in systems and the companies can also offer various services in connection with them.

The group has a deep-rooted business philosophy that goes back more than 30 years, and it is based on three fundamental concepts: Acquire. Strengthen. Refine. The companies within the group are run by talented people that have a genuine entrepreneurial spirit and a high degree of technical expertise in their respective niches. All Indutrade companies work with a clear sense of decentralised responsibility. Some specialise in sales of agency products, while others have their own manufacturing and sales.

Indutrade has more than 160 subsidiaries with more than 3400 employees in 25 countries on four continents. For more information visit the Indutrade homepage.

Indutrade's and ETP´s good reputation is based on integrity and sound business practice. We strive to maintain a transparent business environment and high business ethics in line with our Code of Conduct.
For more information and/or to make a report, visit


Code of Conduct

We are committed to high standards when it comes to integrity, sustainability and ethical business conduct. We address corporate responsibility throughout our supply chain and we expect our suppliers and business partners to do the same. We care about our suppliers’ and business partners’ sustainability performance and we want to develop close relationships with partners that share our approach to doing business. This Supplier Code of Conduct reflects our ambition to work together with our suppliers and business partners to promote respect for human rights, care for the environment and ethical business conduct. We expect our suppliers and business partners to adhere to the essential and overarching principles and guidelines outlined in this Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct