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Sustainable products of sustainable materials


ETP has set up an aggressive sustainability goal

Our company aims to be climate neutral within in just over two years. By shifting our focus to a life-cycle, which has become an essential part of everything we do - from how we manage people, internal manufacturing processes to energy consumption, and several other well-thought-out measures we´re convinced that the goal will be accomplished.

Our ambitious target is set! -Climate neutrality by 2025

Niclas Rosberg President ETP Transmission AB


Your Guide to Our Sustainability

Many organizations are looking for a smart approach to selecting the best set of goals, activities, and reporting efforts to meet their current capacity and their ambition level. We’ve developed this guide to: • Help you navigate the varying degrees of climate action goals and tactics we approach • Assess where we stand today on the spectrum of decarbonization frameworks • Understand what it will take to put our company on the path to reaching net-zero emissions


ETP Carbon neutral shipping

Did you know?

In 2022 we were able to offset 9.48 metric tons of CO2 on our customers behalf. Representing a total of 1 409 shipments.