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Cutting-Edge Clamping: ETP Transmission's Key to Metalworking Excellence

Established in 1991, ETP Transmission has carved out a niche as a steadfast ally in the metal industry, providing an extensive selection of hydraulic tool holders that guarantee secure clamping for critical processes like milling, drilling, and reaming. After years of intensive synergy with industry titan Sandvik Coromant, ETP Transmission has propelled itself forward with innovative solutions tailored for emerging industry challenges, solidifying its independent success.

When the ETP HYDRO-GRIP was launched in 1992, it set a new industry standard for the Scandinavian metalworking sector. As the pioneering hydraulic CNC tool holder, its exceptional precision and stability elevated machining performance across various applications. This seminal innovation, commissioned by Sandvik Coromant, marked the commencement of a synergistic relationship that spurred the development of numerous specialized hydraulic tool holders, such as the slender ETP HYDRO-GRIP PENCIL for intricate machining and the robust ETP HYDRO-GRIP Heavy Duty, engineered for intense milling operations. Niclas Rosberg, CEO of ETP Transmission, reflects on the partnership:

"Our collaboration with Sandvik, a company of considerable stature, significantly bolstered our international presence. Although it is always a bit sensitive when a business area is characterized by a single customer, we've gained immense value from the union of almost 25 years and view our shared history with gratitude."

On the left, Börje Peterson, our first CEO, admiring one of the first Metalworking toolholders of ETP.

When the ETP HYDRO-GRIP was launched in 1992, it set a new industry standard for the Scandinavian metalworking sector.

Niclas Rosberg CEO of ETP Transmission AB

A new era

As the alliance with Sandvik Coromant wound down in the late 2000s, ETP Transmission fortified its industry position by acquiring SPIREX in 2008. SPIREX had been founded by Jan Danielsen, the same inventor who had made the first commissions for hydraulic sleeves for his planing mill and played a crucial part in the conception of ETP Transmission’s Woodworking section. This strategic move allowed the company to integrate cutting-edge technology and launch the ETP HYDRO-FIX, which dramatically minimizes vibration and enhances precision in turning applications.

"The acquisition of SPIREX was pivotal", Niclas Rosberg states. "It enriched our original equipment manufacturer business, and the HYDRO-FIX's versatility transformed the capabilities of SWISS machines, enabling unparalleled operational flexibility."

The future of hydraulic clampings  

In recent times, ETP has developed its distribution network, catering to a diverse clientele. Transitioning from a broad market approach during its tenure with Sandvik Coromant to specialized niche applications, ETP has realigned with its innovative ethos. The introduction of adjustable tool holders like the ETP ECOGRIP ER and expansions in SWISS turning solutions have broadened ETP Transmission's comprehensive metalworking tool holder portfolio.

"Introducing hydraulic tool holders into SWISS turning machines was a groundbreaking move for us, opening doors to a myriad of applications that demand exceptional precision and ease of use," Niclas Rosberg elaborates before concluding:
"By venturing into this new domain, we continue our tradition of pioneering advancements. Our commitment to innovation is unwavering, and we eagerly anticipate propelling the industry forward with fresh, transformative concepts."

Clamping units

For your SWISS machining

ETP HYDRO-FIX SWISS clamping units are excellent for static front and back operations such as drilling, reaming and boring. With the one screw fix system it is quick and easy to handle. Precision hydraulic tool centering is achived and therefore the tool life and setup time is improved. The clamping unit allows for larger/deeper drilling, quick tool changes, absorbs/reduces vibration, improves suface quality and best of all – Increases your productivity!

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