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A sustainable future – ETP Transmission aims for climate neutrality in 2025

This year, the global leader in innovative precision clamping solutions, ETP Transmission AB, celebrates 40 years as a company. Besides offering high innovation and unique products to the market they also have an ambitious sustainability goal – to be climate-neutral by the end of 2025.

– By shifting our focus to a life cycle mindset and several other well-thought-out measures we are convinced that the goal will be accomplished, CEO Niclas Rosberg says.

With only one and a half years to go, ETP Transmission has the high target of reaching climate neutrality by 2025. The company has geared up its environmental work significantly in recent years and has for example been awarded the Sustainability Award from the industrial group Indutrade. As a global provider that ships products worldwide, it has been crucial for the company to offer high-quality shipping agreements, which it does in partnership with leading logistic companies like DB Schenker, UPS and DHL. ETP Transmission always delivers climate-compensated shipping and takes its environmental responsibility in the everyday work - from its own production to the extensions of its business.“We have included sustainability in everything we do – how we go to work in the morning, what energy we consume and what materials we use. There has definitely been a learning curve for all of us and even if we have worked with these questions for quite some time now, we still learn new things every day” Niclas Rosberg says.

To reach climate neutrality companies need to have both long and short term strategies and the so called Scope 1,2 and 3[1] needs to be taken into account. ETP Transmission is far along on its environmental journey and has already managed Scope 1 and 2 and taken control of its own emissions and the emissions that they are indirectly responsible for.“Understanding and measuring energy consumption is of great help for increased profitability and wider sustainability. Currently, we only purchase green energy, which has helped our company to reduce the carbon footprint. In 2023, we also invested in the installation of solar power panels covering more than one third of our annual energy consumption. A consumption that today equals less than <1.0 kg CO2e per working hour”, Niclas Rosberg says.


Our ambitious target is set! -Climate neutrality by 2025

Niclas Rosberg President ETP Transmission AB

People, environment and profitable growth

ETP Transmission started with energy mapping already back in 2014 and in 2021 they invested in a cloud-based energy management system, called Dazoq, that helps industries identify, track and visualize possible energy savings in real time. The system lets ETP Transmission know which machines consume a lot of energy and makes it easier for them to make decisions on what to shut off during certain times of the day, for example. Besides keeping track of energy consumption ETP Transmission also offers its clients sustainable steel. Around 80 percent of the components they produce is made out of steel from Ovako – the leading European manufacturer of engineered steel, that produces steel from 100 percent carbon neutral operations. On average, steel products from ETP Transmission consist of more than 97 percent recycled steel.

“We are a part of the industrial group Indutrade and therefore we are committed to the group's sustainability strategy and objectives. Our focus revolves around the three important areas; People, Environment and Profitable Growth. In practice, this means that we aim for 100 percent engaged co-workers, to be carbon-neutral and that we take responsibility for Indutrade’s goal that every company within the group should contribute to sustainable development”, Niclas Rosberg says.


Towards Scope 3 and beyond

Besides tracking its energy consumption, offering sustainable steel and climate compensated delivering options, ETP Transmission also has upgraded its ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning system) to include a climate footprint calculator. By supplementing data already in the ERP system with information regarding energy consumption, transportation and carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e), ETP can calculate its climate footprint at an item level. Every initiative that has been taken in recent years regarding sustainability is part of the main goal to reach climate neutrality by 2025. For that to be possible, ETP Transmission now is putting in a lot of resources, including developing an internal sustainability group, to reach Scope 3 – with around 15 categories to be addressed.

“It is all hands on deck right now and everyone is so engaged, which is great to see. I am so proud to be part of a company where everyone does their very best to achieve this goal, and I am convinced that we will. The hardest part remains, which is to find even more sustainable shipping solutions. Being a global company with 95 percent export comes with a lot of responsibility and we are working closely with the logistic companies to succeed”, Niclas Rosberg says before he concludes:

“We have come a long way with our overall environmental work and we will continue to focus on innovation and development of products and solutions that make customers’ operations more efficient and lower the environmental impact. That is key to strengthening competitiveness even further. I find it amazing that ETP celebrates 40 years this year. We are a strong team with a passion for technology, innovation and our unique products, and I am thrilled to see what the future has in store for us.


Your Guide to Our Sustainability

Many organizations are looking for a smart approach to selecting the best set of goals, activities, and reporting efforts to meet their current capacity and their ambition level. We’ve developed this guide to: • Help you navigate the varying degrees of climate action goals and tactics we approach • Assess where we stand today on the spectrum of decarbonization frameworks • Understand what it will take to put our company on the path to reaching net-zero emissions