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SA Möbler AB has levelled up its production thanks to ETP HYDRO-GRIP 

The well-known furniture manufacturer SA Möbler AB has improved its production after being introduced to ETP hydro chuck, ETP COMPACT.  The product is also known as the ideal replacement for any ER collet holder - a statement that SA Möbler AB can agree on. – We’ve definitely advanced our operations since we started using ETP:s hydraulic chucks, says Tobias Karlsson, Production Manager at SA Möbler AB. 

SA Möbler AB has manufactured and marketed office furniture designed by selected architects and designers from all of Europe for over a hundred years. Needless to say, the company has broad experience in manufacturing. Since SA Möbler develops all of the furniture in a powerful machine park of more than 15000 square meters, smart ways to streamline the process are always welcome. Last summer SA Möbler were introduced to ETP Transmissions’ hydraulic chuck ETP HG COMPACT, a solution that would lead to several advantages. Although the furniture company wasn’t exactly looking for a replacement for its ER collet holders, the many benefits from ETP HG COMPACT made Tobias Karlsson and his team decide to try something new. Today they’ve exchanged all of the collet holders, allowing the manufacturing process to save time as well as money.
The result of exchanging our tool holders to ETP:s hydraulic chucks has led to an increased stable operation and an overall longer tool life. We’ve also experienced a much easier tool change which has led us to save a lot of time, says Tobias Karlsson. 

Short and robust design

ETP HG COMPACT has a short design of 75 millimetres, hence the name - compact. Among the benefits, you will find a short overhang, easy handling, a high clamping force and it can be used with reduction sleeves. In SA Möbler AB:s case the manufacturing company has experienced a minimum tool runout which has led to a great surface finish and an extended life cycle of its tools.
I can certainly recommend others in the woodworking industry to replace their collet holders with ETP hydraulic chuck. In our case, it has given us nothing but benefits, and to be quite frank, we never want to go back to our previous tool holders, Tobias Karlsson concludes.


A compact and robust design for secure clamping of your cutting tools!
The short design makes ETP HYDRO-GRIP COMPACT your ideal replacement for any ER collet holder! 


  • Perfectly balanced

  • High runout accuracy

  • Available in all Inch & Metric sizes