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Revolutionizing Tool Holding with ETP HYDRO-GRIP Grinding holders


ETP HYDRO-GRIP Grinding holders - “a game changer” at carbide toolmakers

ETP HYDRO-GRIP Grinding Holder, a cutting-edge hydraulic toolholder from ETP in Sweden, is designed for precision, ease of handling, and rapid tool changes. It's ideally suited for holding solid carbide drills and end mill blanks in Walter Helipower grinding machines. This high-quality toolholder promises quick set-up times, repeat accuracy during tool sharpening, and enhanced productivity. It boasts high runout accuracy (0.004 mm), high clamping force, vibration dampening, and flexible clamping with reduction sleeves.

The Customer: A Leading Carbide Toolmaker

Our customer, a renowned carbide toolmaker, specializes in producing new tools and offering resharpening services. Their commitment to excellence in tool manufacturing and maintenance has made them a key player in the industry.

The Problem: Persistent Oil Leakage with Competitor Holders

Initially, the toolmaker relied on toolholders from a competitor. However, they faced significant challenges with oil leakage after just 6 to 8 months of usage. This frequent issue forced them to replace the holders regularly, leading to increased costs and downtime.

Smooth and precise

The Solution: ETP HYDRO-GRIP's Superior Grease Technology

Upon switching to the ETP HYDRO-GRIP Grinding Holder, the toolmaker immediately noticed a remarkable improvement. The grease technology in ETP's holders provided more stable clamping without any leakage issues. Even after 16 months of continuous use, the holders remained leak-free, showcasing their superior durability and performance.

The Results: Over 100% Increase in Durability and Lifetime

The switch to ETP HYDRO-GRIP Grinding Holders resulted in more than a 100% increase in the toolholder's durability and lifetime. The toolmaker experienced significant savings in both time and money due to the reduced need for replacements and the elimination of leakage problems. The ease of handling and fast tool changes further enhanced their operational efficiency.


ETP HYDRO-GRIP Grinding Holders have revolutionized the way this leading carbide toolmaker operates, providing them with unmatched reliability, precision, and cost savings. By addressing the critical issue of oil leakage and enhancing toolholder durability, ETP has proven to be an invaluable partner in their continued success.

Choice of product for SC toolmakers

ETP HYDRO-GRIP Grinding holder

ETP HYDRO-GRIP grinding holders is our range of hydraulic high quality toolholders from the that combine an extreme high precision with easy handling and tool changes which improves productivity. Quicker set-up times and repeat accuracy during sharpening of tools will save you time and money.

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