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Ski service machines


Customer case - Hub-shaft connections

Knoll Feinmechanik GmbH chooses ETP-EXPRESS for quality and reliability all the way!

Knoll Feinmechanik GmbH is a recognised specialist in automation solutions for industrial assembly processes where the highest degree of precision is required. Since 2004, the family-owned company has relied on ETP-EXPRESS hydraulic clamping connection for its sophisticated ski service machines.

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Quality and reliability

Exceptional quality and reliability are what Knoll Feinmechanik GmbH's customers expect. Micrometre precision is crucial when it comes to grinding skis and snowboards. Whether it is for ski rental providers or professional ski racing teams, the ski service machines grind up to 25,000 pairs of skis every year. The ETP-EXPRESS clamping connection guarantees a unique true running accuracy, which means that the waste rate is close to zero. 

The manufacture of automatic systems for ski and board service has been one of Knoll Feinmechaniks core competencies for decades. The systems can process up to 100 pairs of skies per hour fully automatically with the work steps base stone grinding, side edge grinding, edge tuning on the base side and waxing/polishing.

Easy handling and assembly

Two to six ETP-EXPRESS connections are installed in the various grinding machines. Not only does this guarantee the highest standards for each grinding operation, but it also saves material.

In addition to their long-lasting quality, what makes the ETP-EXPRESS hydraulic clamping connection particularly impressive is that they are so easy and quick to assemble. Balancing is no longer necessary and there is virtually no risk of axial shifting during assembly . Even after being assembled several times, the clamping bush retains its unique true running accuracy. 

ETP-EXPRESS' consistent quality and first-class service provide the ideal basis for a long-term partnership – that and the perfectly grinded skis, of course.

Since we fitted our ski service machines with the ETP-EXPRESS hydraulic clamping connections, the ski grinding quality has improved significantly

Johannes Höfflin Design Manager at Knoll Feinmechanik GmbH

Knoll Feinmechanik GmbH choice of product


These products are, just as it sounds, designed for using only a single screw for mounting. This ensures quick and easy mounting/dismantling and easy adjustments/repositioning of the hub. Used in a variety of applications/industries such as packaging, food/beverage and pharamceutical.

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