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Busy healthcare proffesionals need to be able to concentrate on patient care, with confidence that their working environment meets the highest standards, not just in performance but also in aesthetics. A clean, hygeinic, fresh and relaxing environment can help clinicians do what they do best and enhance patient


We also like to do what we do best, holding your cutting tools and cutting your costs. A you see from the machining example below, with the use of ETP HYDRO-GRIP SLENDER a substancial productivity improvement was possible when machining the Solid surface Acrylic materials used within the medical industry.


Compared to traditional ER collet holders the ETP hydraulic high precision toolholders enables you a massively improved tool life and at the same time lets you enjoy a better surface finish. The quick and easy handling, a single pressure screw to be tightenend, also enables quick tool changes with high levels of concentricity and repeatability. 



To enjoy your highest standards - Start today by contacting us for your best toolholder offer!










Facts on Solid surface - Acrylic

- an advanced composite material used in a variety of residential and commercial applications. It offers design versitality, functionality and durability. Can be fabricated with conventional woodworking tools into virtually any design. Widely used for countertops, tub/shower walls, kitchen sinks and laboratory bench tops in noumerous markets including healthcare, banks, boutiques and restaurants.


ETP HYDRO-GRIP SLENDER is extremely user friendly which means quick and easy tool changes.
It has a tough and slender design for improved reach and accessability! 

  • Quick and easy tool changes

  • High performance

  • Excellent runout