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Our Vision, Mission & Business Concept


Provide the world with valuable solutions in all applicable applications

By Providing the world we mean that:
• ETP develop and market the products on the world market
• ETP sees opportunities to create business anywhere
• ETP find unidentified customer needs and solutions

By Valuable solutions we mean that:
• ETP give the customer added value
• ETP increase profitability for the customer

By Applicable applications we mean that:
• ETP create applications which help the customer
• ETP will sell a solution at a justified price


Help Customers achieve Excellence through Simplicity.

By Excellence we mean that:
• Our products offer the best performance
• We deliver as promised
• ETP - the customers first choice
• We have a customer oriented decision making process

By Simplicity we mean that:
• It is easy to do business with ETP
• Our products are easy to use
• We have a none prestigious environment at ETP

Business Concept

To develop, manufacture and market fastening and centering products based on hydraulic and hydro-mechanical principles. For use as hub-shaft connections, tool and work piece holders and similar applications. The ETP high precision quality products should offer quick assembly and disassembly and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy
By quality we mean to always keep what we promise. It is the responsibility of both management and all employees to ensure that high quality is achieved in every process. Our products must meet customers' needs, requirements and expectations. Always with the goal of being better than competitors. We must regularly measure quality in order to constantly improve our products and our way of working. All employees must feel safe, involved and responsible in their workplace.

Work environment policy

The product must take place in a work environment that is good for our staff with the opportunity for collaboration.

Our aim is to:
• The work shall not involve any work environment risks and the activity shall comply with applicable laws and requirements.
• The work climate must be pleasant and an honest and open attitude must prevail in the workplace, the employees must have opportunity to influence in one's own work situation.
• Each employee has a personal responsibility for health and the environment, which includes following the routines established by work environment reasons.
• In the event of major changes in the business, work environment and environmental issues shall be discussed, risks and consequences shall be assessed in collaboration with the employees.

Anti-Bribery & Conflict Mineral policies

ETP Transmission AB has a strict policy regarding bribery or other means that may violate Anti-Bribery laws in any country where ETP Transmission may conduct business, including subcontractors to ETP Transmission AB. We have a zero tolerance for bribery. We can also confirm that our products (or production processes) do not contain 3T&G (tantalum, tin, wolfram, gold) which violates the European directives regarding conflict minerals.