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Hub-Shaft connections overview

The ETP-Principle gives because of the hydraulic principle: compact design, fast assembly, easy positioning, good runout, does not damage the contact surfaces and is easy to dismantle. These qualities are important today and will be even more important in the future.

With increasing requirements on down sizing the machines, better runout/balance, increased machine speeds, shorter downtime for service and increased precision, ETP hydraulic hub-shaft connections are chosen for more and more designs.

Metal 220

Toolholders for metalworking

Todays modern machines working with high speeds and feeding rates have high demand on both tool and toolholder To achieve a long tool life three requirements have to be fulfilled:
Low run-out
Balanced holder
High clamping force

Woodworking ETP HYDRO-GRIP

HYDRO-GRIP is self-centered and clamped in just a few seconds. Choose between two different methods to center and clamp HYDRO-GRIP. Either with an allen T-wrench or a high pressure grease pump. Simply put, you choose the method that best suits your needs.

Customized Designs

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