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A chuck for your router bits and a arbor for your profile tools - at the same time!

The new COMBO let you enjoy all the benefits using a hydraulic chuck for your router bits and a hydraulic arbor for your profile tools at the same time. Perfectly centered and balanced. 

Quick and easy tool changes independently for each tool, router bit vs. profile tool.

The COMBO let you optimize your tool design for maximum performance and cost effectiveness.


Both Router bit and Profile tool has to be mounted before clamping.
Security disc and 3 screws included in shipment.

Benefits & Features 

Quick, easy and independent tool change.

Multiple tool combination.

Optimized run time for each tool.

High performance and excellent runout.

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Product Availability
ETP HG COMBO-16/30x20/HSK63F

6,082.00 SEK

ETP HG COMBO-16/30x80/HSK63F

7,934.00 SEK

ETP HG COMBO-20/35x80/HSK63F

7,934.00 SEK

ETP HG COMBO-16/30x20/HSK63F mod

8,550.00 SEK

ETP HG COMBO-3/4”/1 1/4”x80/HSK63F

7,934.00 SEK

  • Total: 5