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Sleeve for interchangeable tool assembly of tools with large internal diameters.
Also equipped with a thread and locking nut for easy tool changes!  This means the sleeve can be easily switched between different tools.

Pressurizing is carried out with a high pressure grease pump, axially in the sleeve’s flange.

Thread and locking nut:
The knurled ring nut only needs to be lightly tightened so the tools are in contact with each other. Tightening the three screws in the ring nut ensures that the tools are safely and accurately fixed into position. This allows you to maintain the accuracy achieved on the grinding machine when you move the sleeve and tool assembly to the spindle on your production machine.

Interchangeable assembly:
A tool with a hole tolerance of H7 gives an easy slip fit on sleeves meant for interchangeable tool assembly.
When pressurized the sleeve expands against the spindle, thus eliminating any play between the tool and spindle.

ETP HYDRO-GRIP is intended for machine spindle tolerance g6 and tool tolerance H7.

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ETP HYDRO-GRIP BL-50/100-115
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