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ETP HYDRO-GRIP CIR is manufactured in stainless steel and perfect for use in demanding environments.
Sleeve for interchangeable tool assembly that can be used with different tools.

The tool should be bolted to the sleeve’s collar. Several tools can be mounted simultaneously.

Pressurizing is carried out with an allenT-wrench.

Interchangeable assembly:
A tool with a hole tolerance of H7 gives an easy slip fit on sleeves meant for interchangeable tool assembly.
When pressurized the sleeve expands against the spindle, thus eliminating any play between the tool and spindle.

ETP HYDRO-GRIP is intended for machine spindle tolerance g6 and tool tolerance H7.

Benefits & Features 

Fit your tools quick and easy.

Made in stainless steel.

Can be ultrasonically cleaned.

Practical handling with flat balance surface.

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Product Availability
ETP H-G CIR-50/60-75
ETP H-G CIR-1 13/16"/60-75
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