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ETP HYDRO-GRIP CIA is the brand new hydro sleeve that will make your tool changes and -set up safer, easier and quicker than ever!
By using a Power Tool when pressurizing you can tighten it as much as you like, you are done in seconds and it is strong as an ox.

The integrated safety collar keep your precious fingers safe when handling sharp tools.

Sleeve for interchangeable tool assembly that can be used with different tools. The tool should be bolted to the sleeve’s collar.
Several tools can be mounted simultaneously.

Benefits & Features 

Pressurizing is done in seconds with a Power Tool.

Integrated safety collar with hydro sleeve.

Ergonomic design for safe and easy handling.

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Product Availability
ETP H-G CIA-40/60-185
ETP H-G CIA-40/60-202
ETP H-G CIA-1 13/16"/60-185
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